UN-Egyptian brokered deal can be found by clicking the link. https://theisraelink.com/un-egyptian-brokered-deal

The understanding between Hamas and Israel is as follows:

  • Back to 2014 ceasfire agreement, effective immediately, including no molotov devices into Israel, and no border riots, opening of Kerem Shalom and expanding fishing to 9 nautical miles. (Israel has fulfilled its part of the deal – Kites and balloons continue to be sent to Israel, and there are rally cries for mass riots and direct confrontation with Israel)
  • One year ceasefire agreement
  • A sea passage will be created from Cyprus to Gaza, overseen by Israeli security forces
  • Qatar will finance electricity and wages of government employees
  • If the calm continues,  future discussion will be held over returning bodies held in Gaza
  • Source: al-Miyadin Television
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