VIDEO: Significant flooding on Rechov Yafo in #Jerusalem

WATCH: Part of the security wall crumbles near Shuafat due to heavy rains

UPDATE: All the missing have been recovered at this point. 10 reported deaths, a number of injuries, ranging from serious to light.

UPDATE: Arava: Students from the Hesder Yeshiva Har Tzion got caught in a flood, at least 7 dead, five more still missing.

#TelAviv University: Explosion reported in the chemistry lab, likely the result of a chemical experiment that failed. Police and emergency units operating.

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Significant increase in stoning attacks in the Route 60 corridor this morning, no injuries, but damage to a number of vehicles over the couse of the morning.

Smashed Window

@newyorktimes: Assassination of Hamas engineer in #Malaysia a Mossad operation, part of a campaign to remove terrorists who are overseas and threaten #Israel

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@il_police report a number of road closures in the south due to weather conditions. You can see the list below in the link.

Traffic alert
  • Route 90 between the Dead Sea hotels and Ein Gedi
  • Route 40: From Mitzpe Rimon to Tzomet Tzichur
  • Route 13: From Tzomet Tzichur to Tzomet Paran

Overnight, 8 wanted terrorists were in arrested in #Yesha. In Qalqilya and Der Tzemet, terror funding in the amount of thousands of shekels was confiscated.

IDF forces training