Senior Hamas commander arrested off the coast of Israel

Shin Bet: On June 28, 2020, a person infiltrated from Gaza to Israel, via the sea.

He was immediately picked up. Initially, he indicated he was fleeing to Israel voluntarily due to familial problems, and harassment from Hamas.

After an investigation, the Shabak determined he was a Hamas operative since 2013. In 2018, he became the commander of a Hamas air defense unit, shoulder fired unit.

As part of his Hamas training, he came up with a plan to shoot down IDF helicopters over the Gaza Strip and ensuring they fall near a home so the soldiers would be easily captured.

He was also involved in significant planning and operations for terror attempts against Israel.

An indicitment was filed against him by the Shabak for his serious security offenses against Israel.

The Shabak says they were able to find a gold mine of information from this terrorist.

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