Palestinian March of Return: Here’s what you need to know (see link for details)

Palestinian March of Return

Palestinians begin preparing for March of Return
Palestinians begin preparing for March of Return

Palestinian factions in Gaza and Ramallah have called for a series of events to demand the Right of Return for Palestinians. These events are scheduled to begin on Land Day, March 30th, through Nakba Day on May 15th.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians will take part in the activities and March of Return. The purpose of these events are to demand the right of return for Palestinians. However, there is a much more nefarious twist. Hamas hopes that these marches will touch off a major escalation with the IDF and security forces in both the Gaza envelope and Yesha.

Here’s what they have planned for the March of Return:

  • The events will start on March 30 (Land Day) with the erection of tent camps near the security fence on the Israeli border in Gaza, where thousands of Palestinian families will camp out for the next few weeks.
  • At some point during the events, a mass march, involving tens of thousands of Palestinians. The marches will head towards the Israeli border in the south, and, marches from Yesha will head towards and attempt to breach Israeli towns in Yehuda and Shomron, as well as IDF positions, and the entrances to Jerusalem.
  • Refugees in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan will also march towards the Israeli border
  • Hamas and other factions have stated that this is billed as a non-violent, no-political event, but acknowledge that some elements will “resort to violence”
  • There are also plans to sail a “peace” flotilla from different locations in Europe to “breach the blockade” in Gaza

What’s the outcome?

  • Given the recent bombings on the Gaza border, Israel cannot allow mass gatherings of people to converge on the Gaza borders or navigate their way into Yesha towns.
  • The IDF is gearing up for all contingencies, and has warned that we are entering an period of previously unseen violent and deadly activities from the Palestinians
  • The IDF has cancelled leave from its ranks to ensure the number of troops are sufficient on the Gaza border and in Yesha.
  • Security forces do not have a way to disrupt the march of tens of thousands of people, with or without lethal means.
  • Media is reporting that the IDF has developed and will deploy drones armed with tear gas, and will deploy them against the tent city and demonstrators. The IDF has concerns of bomb placement and cross border incursions, masked by the “non-violent” activities

Why this is March of Return significant?

Israel and Gaza are at the brink of another full fledged conflict. Hamas doesn’t want to specifically initiate the conflict. Despite its continued actions, such as placing bombs on the border fence, Hamas insists it is not interested in an escalation.

The terror organization is in a bad place. Reconciliation has essentially failed. There is a full fledged humanitarian crisis of Hamas’s own making. The world just really doesn’t care that much about Hamas or the Palestinian cause as a whole.

Hamas needs a conflict that is not instigated by them. This March of Return gives them the opportunity to open the door for Israeli “aggression”, and, under the guise of defending themselves, can now initiate conflict, and complain about how they are victims, and how countries need to help them against “Israeli aggression”.

Essentially, one minor mistake (or intentional act) by either side can open up a full scale escalation in both the Gaza border area, as well as within Yesha – and it’s possible that Hezbollah, Syria and Lebanon, with the backing and urging of Iran – opening up a conflict in the north in solidarity with the Palestinians.

It is important to note that the Palestinians have planned the start of these events around the Jewish holiday of Pesach (Passover).  It is also important to note that the IDF will be 100% ready, and will not allow any hostile or unacceptable actions to take place, despite it being the holiday.

You can read more here.

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