Summary of @netanyahu speech to UN General Assembly. Full details by following the link.

  • Arab countries recognize Israeli fight on terror
  • Israel has saved countless lives by providing intel about terror attacks
  • Israel working with governments to keep citizens safe
  • Hundreds of president, PMs, FMs have visited Israel
  • Specifically, 2 historic visits:
    • Trump first President to visit Israel first, visited the Kotel
    • PM Modi became first Indian PM to visit Israel
      • Discussed trip with portable water desalination device
  • Had honor of representing Israel in 6 continents:
    • Africa
    • Asia: Deepened relations with China and Singapore, Azerbajan and Khazakstan
    • Europe: Enahnced security and economic ties
    • First PM to visit Australia
    • South America: Argentina and Colombia and Mexico,
    • First PM to visit Latin America
  • World embracing Israel, Israel is embracing the world (applause)
  • Haven’t visited Antarctica, Penguins recognize black and white
  • UN doesn’t see Black and White
    • WHO adopted Syrian resolution comdenming conditions in the Golan
      • Syria has bombed their citizens
      • Israel has helped them
      • Who does WHO critcize? Israel!
    • In July, UNESCO declares Tomb of Patriarchs Palestinain
      • Worse than Fake News, Fake History
    • Yes, Abraham buried there, but so is all the Jewish mothers and father
    • Torah discusses it, and it’s written in stone
  • There is change, signs of positive change, even at the UN
  • Appreciate your statement that denying Israel’s right to exist is anti-Semitism – pure and simple
  • Important, because epicenter of global anti-Semitism is at the UN
  • Ultimately, changes will be respresneted in the UN
  • Thanks to President Trump for supporting Israel
  • Thanks to Nikki Haley for speaking the truth about Israel


  • Must speak truth at the UN
  • Listened to countless speeches in UN Hall
  • None were as courageous as President Trump
  • Couldn’t agree with it more
    • Iran vows to destroy my country
    • Iran conduting campaign to elicit violence across the world
    • Restrictions placed on Iran’s nuclear program has sunset clause
      • In a few years, restrictions will be removed automatically
      • I warned that when that time comes, a dark shadow will be cast across the entire world
      • Iran will be free to enrich uranium
      • The greater danger is not that Iran will rush to a single bomb by breaking the deal, but can reach many bombs by keeping the deal
  • We see how dangerous can be in N. Korea – now see how dangerous it can be for Iran to have numerous missiles
  • Look how nuke deal with N. Korea turned out, if nothing changes, Iran deal will end up the same way
    • Nixing the deal, means restoring massive pressure on Iran
    • Fixing deal, requires many things, including suspicious sites
    • Fixing deal means getting rid of sunset clause
    • Must also stop development of ballistic missiles and growing incitement in the region
    • Deal would make Iran normal country. I disagree, not being friends, but devouring weapons.
    • Exactly what is happening today
  • Iran spread terror over Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere.
  • Simple message for Ayatollah Khameini: Light of Israel will never be extinguished (applause)
  • Those who threaten with anaihilation will feel the full force of our power and convictions
  • We will act to ensure Iran does not create bases in Lebanon and Syria
  • We will act to ensure Iran does not open a new front on our Northern border
  • Message for the people of Iran: You are not our enemy. You are our friends (addresses them in Farsi). One day, you will be free.
  • When the day comes, friendship will flourish
  • Israel knows that when confornting the regime, we have many partners, including Egypt’s Sisi
  • Israel committed to achieving peace
  • Yesterday, I discussed this with President Trump
  • I appreciate his steps to sieze peace
  • Remarkable alliance between US and Israel has never been stronger or deeper
  • We appreciate Congress and the American people
  • 120 years ago, Herzl started the first Zionist Congress
  • 70 years ago, UN advanced that by filing reoslution setting up Jewish state
  • 50 years ago, a miraculous victory in Jerusalem
  • Herzl was a modern day Moses.
  • Tomorrow evening, Jews will celebrate Rosh Hashana. It’s a time of reflection, a look at the remarkable birth of our nation.
  • Look around you, you will see these contributions in all areas of life
  • You see it in the smile of an African mother who uses Israeli technology to get water
  • See it in the faces of an Arab boy underwent radical surgery in Israel
  • today, 2700 year after Isiah spoke, Israel is becoming a rising power
  • Long last, light is shining across the world.
  • Shana Tova from Israel!
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#Police close the #TempleMount to Jews on Rosh Hashana due to a Muslim holiday, and on #Yom #Kippur due to it being on Shabbos – when it is normally closed. 

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#Palestinian media: Jewish groups call to increase “raids” of al-Aqsa over the upcoming chagim. Full “story” posted in the article.

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#BREAKING: Report of a Patriot missile deployment over Tzfat. Details to follow.


  • Missiles fired at a target in the Golan
  • IDF has confirmed the incident
  • Patriot deployed against an unmanned aircraft that attempted to breach the Golan airspace
  • IDF says this drone was property of Hezbollah, manufactured in #Iran
Patriot Missile Deployment Tzfat
Patriot Missile Deployment Tzfat
Patriot Missile Tzfat
Patriot Missile Tzfat
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Paramedic in #Beit #Shemesh launches campaign to purchase a much needed piece of equipment. Help him with his goal and learn more here

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