Overnight Roundup: https://theisraelink.com/overnight-roundup

  • 750 worshippers entered Schechem to pray at the Tomb of Joseph. As IDF entered to secure the city, a car rushed at them and opened fire. No injuries. A grenade was thrown at forces, also with no injuries.
  • Security forces demolished the home of the terrorist that carried the Adam stabbing attack that killed Yotam Ovadia. During the operation in Kobar, IDF forces came under attack from a variety of implements, including pipe bombs, molotov cocktails and burning tires. No injuries reported.
  • Samu (Shomron): Pistol, ammo and magazines found and confiscated
  • Ein Qinia (Ephraim Region): Self manufactured weapon found and confiscated
  • 8 wanted Palestinian terrorists arrested in Yesha.
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