New targeted lockdown to go into effect Friday1 pm

Due to rising Coronavirus numbers, the following locations will be locked down for 7 days.

1) Beit Shemesh – Kiryat Charedit and Cheftziba (called Nachalat Menucha and Knei Bosem officially)
2) Jerusalem – the neighborhoods of Romema, Kiryat Sanz and Belz and Kiryat Matsdorf.
3) Lod – Ganei Ya’ar and ס”ח
4) Ramla – Amidar Bilu neighborhood.
5) Kiryat Malachi – Achuzat Rotner and Shechunat Chabad .

In addition, the order stops all educational institutions starting at age 10 in Modi’in Illit and Beit Shemesh and in Ashdod – Gimmel, Zayin, and Chet neighborhoods.

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