Editorial: The options in Gaza

Well, here we are again folks. The terror organizations in the land we gave up to satisfy their needs are terrorizing our citizens yet again. Molotov balloons, IED balloons, and threats of rocket attacks on Israeli civilians.

What’s more, the IDF has done little to make it stop. It’s clear the Israeli political echelon wants to deal with this issue with kid gloves – the Northern border is much more scary to them.

Can we go to another “escalation” with Gaza? Should we? Should we cave in to their demands?

Let’s take a quick look at the options.

1.  Take back Gaza: Not a bad option if you like dead soldiers and dead civilians on both sides of the border fence. In order to do this, it will require ground troops to literally find every single terror tunnel, all the hidden leaders underground, and we will likely see soldier deaths in the thousands.

Not gonna happen.

2. Targeted assassination: A better bet. But who is ready to replace Sinwar and Haniyeh when they are gone? While they are bad enough, who knows who the replacement will be.

Yeah, the terrorists will be angry for a few days. But it will end,  and the terror may stop.

3. Cave in: Hamas keeps this up. Israel, as it usually does, makes some sort of deal with the Egyptians or some other country, basically allowing Hamas to start and stop conflicts as they choose, which is why we are where we are today.

Caving into the terror orgs is a ridiculous and asinine  policy. All it does is reinforce Hamas’s perception that they run the show. They start the conflict, and they end it when they want. Kind of like a child with a temper tantrum.

So, what is the answer? The answer was in 2005. Disengagement should never have happened, which, in turn, would have never let Hamas take control of the Gaza Strip.

What can we do now? Of the 3 options above, only #2 might cause the change needed to ensure peace and stability in southern Israel.

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