@il_police report a number of road closures in the south due to weather conditions. You can see the list below in the link.

Traffic alert
  • Route 90 between the Dead Sea hotels and Ein Gedi
  • Route 40: From Mitzpe Rimon to Tzomet Tzichur
  • Route 13: From Tzomet Tzichur to Tzomet Paran

TRAFFIC ALERT: Due to the funeral of Rav Shmuel Auerbach, zt’l, heavy traffic and closures can be expected in the Jerusalem region, including routes 1 and 443. Additional details can be found in the link.

Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach
  • Eulogies in Shaari Chesed neighborhood between 11 & 12:30
  • Procession will then take the following routes to Har Hamenuchos, and these roads are now closed:

Hagra Street
KKL Blvd
Diskin St.
Ruppin St.
Ben-Zvi Street
Weizmann Street
Sakharov Gardens to Har Hamenuchos

  • Depending on traffic conditions, police may close the entrance of the city from the Arzaim Tunnels until the end of the procession
  • Additional streets may be closed based on real-time assessments

Additional information can be received by calling the 110 call center.

Photo credit: Yonina