#IDF has notified the family of the terrorists that killed Reven Schmerling that their home is scheduled for demolition 

US Homeland Security official warns extremists planning another 9/11. Details in article


Story can be found here

RELEASED FOR PUBLICATION: 3 Arabs from Uhm-al-Fahm arrested for ties to ISIS and planning an attack on the #TempleMount

Details of the arrested individuals:

  • Sa’id Ghasoub Janarain, 26, arrested for planning an attack on the Temple Mount
  • Faras Salah Mahmoud Mahajneh, 24, supporter of ISIS and possessing weapons
  • A 16 year old minor, name not released, planning attack on Temple Mount
  • During the arrest 2 pistols and ammo were found, which were going to be used in the attack
  • The Temple Mount attack was intended to be backed by ISIS
  • A Carl Gustav rifle was found in the home of Faras Mahajneh

Arab from Jerusalem arrested over terror funding. Additional details in the link.

  • Member of Shabab al-Aqsa (an outlawed group)
  • Was an organizer of the Temple Mount riots
  • Arrested for the transfer of terror funds into Yehuda and Shomron
  • Resident of the Old City

#Shabak says over 200 attacks, including suicide bombings and shooting attacks, we prevented in #2017 so far. Over 70 terror cells disrupted.