PHOTO: Notices scattered around the Old City of #Jerusalem demand the evacuation of the Temple Mount before Seder Night so the Pascal sacrifice can be brought. Included in the notice is a picture of the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount, as understood from Biblical sources.

Judge says 3 girls detained for praying near the Temple Mount gates are allowed to do so, says they have the same right as the Arabs to pray there. Judge ruled against police in the matter, saying prayer in the Old City is not restricted.

Two #US Congressmen, David McKinley of Virginia and Scott Tipton of Colorado, detained by #Israeli police on the Temple Mount for picking up an olive branch, according to reports.

CLARIFICATION: Incident started when a group of Arabs started shouting at and getting in the faces of the visitors to the Temple Mount, who then responded with Shema Yisrael and Hashem Hu Haelokim.

This morning, @il_police allowed a group of visitors on the #TempleMount to ascend the higher paltform, adjacent to the Dome of the Rock, which is outside of the standard tour route. #Palestinians had a meltdown on social media. In response, #Jordan wasted no time sending a diplomatic complaint to #MFA, decrying violations of al-Aqsa mosque. H/T @oferzalzberg