#PHOTO: #Qalandiya Refugee Camp: Security services find air guns, used for making weapons and fireworks used for assaulting police officers during a raid. About 150 people rioted during the operation, with some injuries reported.

Police provide update on riots im Jerusalem. Details by following the link

  • Chareidim rioted over IDF draft
  • Police responded, were attacked with rocks and implements
  • Riot police responded
  • Seven officers injured, 9 rioters arrested
  • Police say they believe all of the officers acted properly
  • However, any evidence to the contrary will be investigated and dealt with

Palestinians call for everyone to turn out in front of the mosque at the Aida Refugee Camp tomorrow to protest the burial by Israel of 4 terrorists.

  • Israel did not return the bodies to their families
  • The bodies of the terrorists have been buried in a secret location