United Jerusalem Bill, requiring a majority of 80 Members of Knesset to approve any future split of #Jerusalem, passes into law during an early morning Knesset session.

Teacher’s strike called for Wednesday to affect all Ministry of Education schools, grades K-9. If not resolved, schools across the country, with the exception of those in the Western Negev, will be closed.

In a national security plan set to be released today, @POTUS clearly states: Israel is not the problem in the Middle East. See more in the link

@barakravid says #France and #Belguim trying to push a draftr response to #Trump’s #Jerusalem announcement during a meeting on Friday. Details in the article.

As Tweeted by Barak Ravid:

  • Embassies notified by MFA of the proposed draft
  • Draft would call for Jerusalem to be recognized as the capital of both Israel and the PA
  • Draft would also call on Israel to make every effort to restart negotiations
  • Ambassadors were requested to approach the top levels of their host government in an attempt to block the draft

Channel 2 report accuses the head of KKL and Ambassador Danon of widespread corruption. The left is calling for @Netanyahu to recall him immediately for investigation