Hamas’s Haniyeh and Fatah’s #Abbas agree to face – face meetings in Cairo in an attempt to restart reconciliation talks

#Breaking: Egyptian team overseeing reconciliation progress in #Gaza suddenly and unexpectedly leaves, as reports emerge that #Egypt has lost patience and is furious with the lack of progress.

Just one day before the #reconciliation deadline to turn over administrative functions to the #PA, factions in #Gaza ask #Egypt to delay the deadline for 10 days.

In short: #Hamas claims it has taken the decision to continue with the reconciliation process, despite the hardships imposed by the #PA. However, it says it will never relinquish its weapons, and it is foolish to demand otherwise

Hamas: PA refusing to attend Cairo talks, we ask PM Hamdallah to come. Reconciliation is not in a positive place. PA has not accepted one recommendation from us.

Reconciliation efforts have become a blame game between the PA and #Gaza factions, with every faction blaming the other.

Coalition crisis: MK and Health Minister Litzman has told @netanyahu that of work is done on the train on Shabbat, he will pull out of the coalition on Sunday.