RECALL ALERT: Ministry of Health issues a ground beef recall, due to a positive salmonella test. Details can be found in the article.

Brand: Maadanei HaGalil
Product: Frozen Ground Beef
Size: 500g
Barcode: 7290003415090
Production Date: 19-12-2017
Expiration date: 19-2-2018

The affected product has been pulled from shelves. If you have this brand of ground beef which matches the production date and bar code, bring it back to the store for a refund.


Report: Israel looking into direct TLV – Delhi flights by working with Saudi Arabia to allow flights within Saudi airspace.

Rabbis have declared an emergency over the lack of rainfall, thousands attend a special prayer session at the Kotel during today’s fast

Transportation Minister Katz: Future transportation station near the Western Wall will be named in honor of @realDonaldTrump

PHOTO: Ramat Rachel: Jerusalem Brigade Memorial defaced by Arabs.

Ramat Rachel Jerusalem Brigade Memorial
Ramat Rachel Jerusalem Brigade MemorialRamat Rachel: 

Major strike this morning will affect almost every public sector, including airports, medical clinics, museums, banks, the IEC and more. Transportation (buses, rail) not affected. Strike ends at 12 pm.

#BeitShemesh:Modesty signs removed by municipal workers after judge’s ruling saying the signs must be removed within 2 weeks