#BREAKING: Terror alert in #Jerusalem. Security forces searching for a terrorist. Details to follow here once available.

#BREAKING: Terror attack in Har Adar. Additonal details posted here.

  • Jerusalem area
  • 4 wounded in shooting attack
  • All injured appear to be border guards
  • Terrorist shot and neutralized
  • All injured seriously injured
  • Combined stabbing and shooting attack
  • Additional victims possible
  • Occures along security fence during a routine patrol
  • MDA: Four very seriously injured from stabbing and shots
  • Security forces raise the alert, afraid another attack may be in the works
  • Terrorist approached the fence with a large group of workers from the town of Beidu, then carried out the attack. 
  • MDA: 4th victim critical condition
  • PIJ: Attack is a natural response to Jewish attempts to take over #al-Aqsa Mosque

    #Jerusalem: Stoning attack by Hareidim in Beis Yisrael neighborhood against a soldier. Police dealt with the residents of the house that threw the stones. 

    #Israel backs down from shutting down @aljazeera, giving a six month warning to #Jerusalem correspondent. #inl

    Article here

    Police arrest #Arab-Israeli for providing support for #TempleMount uprising. #inl

    • Man is a member of the Northern Islamic Branch group