Haniyeh: We are preparing for the mother of all marches on May 15th (which is not only Nakba Day but the first day of Ramadan), and this will bring us to the start of a new Intifada.

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#Egypt says it has worked out a deal to allow the body of a #Hamas engineer into #Gaza – with the express understanding that #Israeli captives will be released.

PA: We expect the body of the Hamas operative from #Malaysia to arrive within 24 hours in the #Gaza Strip, following discussion with #Egypt and #Malaysia

Hamas leaders call on the PA Security services to stop arrests of Hamas operatives in the Strip, say they are no different than #Israeli soldiers.

#GAZA: Hamas announces 24 hours of military exercises, including the launching of rockets into the sea, and live fire drills. Comes just before the launch of the March of Return.

Terror groups holding press conference, says they warn Abbas over increasing sanctions, call on Egypt to intervene and put a stop to Abbas’s one sided actions.

PIJ condemns Abbas statement ordering additional sanctions on the #Gaza Strip, calls them a severe blow to Palestinian unity.

Egyptian delegation arrives in #Gaza, tells Hamas: If the situation in #Gaza escalates, #Israel will take unprecedented steps and you will be on your own.

UPDATE: US Treasury has added Ismael Haniyah to the list of “Specially Designated Nationals” – otherwise known as the Terror blacklist