Itamar: Police arrive at an outpost near Itamar, where Israelis pelted them with stones and implements. Shots fired in the air by forces to break up the riot.

VIDEO: Watch as Hareidi extremists attack a @Zaka ambulance carrying the body of a baby who drowned in an Ashdod pool, steal the body, and attack a volunteer medic.

WATCH: MK Meir Porush came to visit Viznitzer Rebbe in Beit Shemesh, was attacked by a mob of Ultra-Hareidi extremists

Meah Shearim, #Jerusalem: Ultra-Hareidi take the usual custom of hanging Haman and adapt it for their use – to depict the hanging of an IDF soldier.

Police: 12 arrested after riots at the #IDF induction center in #Jerusalem, after rioters threw stones and implements at police.

#ALERT: If heading to #Jerusalem today, extreme #Hareidi factions have called for demonstrations starting at 3:30 pm.

The Peleg faction has called on the renewal of demonstrations and riots, starting today at 2:30 PM. Sites include #Jerusalem, #Ashdod, #BeitShemesh, #BneiBraq, and #Elad

VIDEO: Hareidim rioting in front of the recruitment office in #Jerusalem.