UPDATE: Jenin: IDF forces destroyed the home of one of the murderers of Rabbi Raziel Shevach. During the operation, forces came under attack from elements within the city. No injuries to IDF personnel.

#BREAKING: Police announce that one of the terrorists in the Havat Gilad shooting attack was killed in a shootout with security forces during an operation this morning.

VIDEO: IDF forces come under implement and molotov cocktail attack in #Jenin during the ongoing operation around the terror cell responsible for the shooting death of Rabbi Shevach

Violent night in #Jenin, IDF forces find terrorists that killed Rabbi Shevach, come under shooting attack during the operation, and kill at least one terrorist, possibly 2. Houses of two terrorists demolished.

Jenin: IDF forces, during the continued manhunt for the cell responsible for the shooting attack against Rabbi Shevach, comes under gunfire attack. Two soldiers injured, Palestinians say two terrorists killed.