Jew hating professor Hatem Bazian spreading this anti-Semitic meme around @UCBerkeley. H/T @Atlasshrugs (Pamela Geller)

Anti-Semitic membe being spread by Hatem Bazian
Anti-Semitic membe being spread by Hatem Bazian

PHOTO: Nameless, flagless Israel on Judoku score page of the Abu Dhabi Grandslam Wrestling & Judoku Tournament

IJF deletes Israel
IJF deletes Israel

#PHOTO: Hate graffiti found in the Old City of #Jerusalem overnight, says Death to Jews. Also, a Swastika was drawn.

Hate graffiti in Muslim Quarter
Hate graffiti in Muslim Quarter. Credit: 404

Neo-Nazi protest turns violent, as they staged a rally in front of a shul on Yom Kippur. Full story by following link

 NOTE: It’s important to note that Reuters does not indicate the target of the demonstration.

Anti-Semitism flying unabated on social media. See link for an example.

Check out @WolfofSatanas’s Tweet:

PHOTO: #Neo-Nazi web site, Daily Stormer, dedicates banner to Yair Netanyahu, calls him “Heroic Anti-Jewish Freedom Fighter”

Yair Netanyahu Daily Stormer
Headline banner on Daily Stormer hailing Yair Netanyahu as “Heroic anti-Jewish Fighter”