Mortar fired towards Israel

Moments ago a mortar was fired towards Israel.

Red Alert only sounded in open areas.

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Yitzhar: Serious accident due to stone throwing attack

Emergency services are on the scene of a serious head on accident neat Yitzhar.

According to the initial reports from the scene, it appears that the crash was caused by Arab terrorists throwing stones at vehicles.

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Report: @netanyahu and Mossad head Yossi Cohen met with Saudi representatives

It has been confirmed that a flight carrying PM Netanuahu and Mossad chief Yossi Cohen flew to the Red Sea coast yesterday to meet with the Saudi crown prince and US Secretary of State Pompeo.

The contents of the discussion were not revealed.

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Initial investigation into tank misfire incident in Gaza last night

The initial report from the commanders investigating the misfire incident in Gaza overnight says a radio communication problem was the believed cause of the incident.

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IDF on high alert in the south

Following the ongoing rocket “tests” being carried out (at least 10 so far in the last few hours) the IDF has reason to believe Hamas will carry out a serious rocket attack in the coming hours.

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PA submits list of demands to Biden Adminstration

The Palestinian Authority has demanded that the Biden Administration, should he win the 270 delegates needed to win the election, overturn the Trump Adminstration steps taken against the “Palestinians”.

The list includes a demand to reopen the PLO diplomatic mission in Washington, rescinding Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, resuming financial aid to the PA and the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), and reopening the US consulate in east Jerusalem.

The Palestinians will also demand that the Biden administration cancel the recent decision that allows US citizens born in Jerusalem to list Israel as the place of birth, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement labeling settlement products as “Made in Israel”.

The PA will also demand that the US Embassy move back to Tel Aviv.

At least some of the demands are expected to be met.

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VIDEO: Terrorist led away after attempting to carry out a stabbing attack in Hebron.

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#BREAKING: Terror attack thwarted in Hebron

A short time ago, a 16 year old, armed with a knife, arrived at the bus stop adjacent to the Cave of the Patriarchs.

The intended Jewish victim was able to flee the scene, and armed border police were able to neutralize the terrorist.

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Attempted bombing attack thwarted

IDF spokesperson: IDF forces thwarted an attempted bombing attack near the Palestinian town of Al-Mughayyir. During routine searches conducted by the forces in the area, 2 camouflaged explosive devices were located, with the aim of harming passing IDF soldiers.

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Terror alert in Jerusalem

Police have set up roadblocks and checkpoints in the vicinity of Mamilla mall and the Old City as information has been received about a terrorist from Qalqilya who is intending to carry out an attack.

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Tensions building in the north and the south

In the last few moments, we have seen the return of terror balloons after Gaza factions have demanded health care supplies due to the high number of Corona victims. Hamas has also been launching rockets towards the sea,

Last night’s rocket attack was also aimed at forcing Israel to deliver more ventilators to Gaza.

It is interesting to note that health supplies have been entering Gaza non-stop over the last few months.

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IDF investigating tank fire against Hamas post

The IDF has opened an investigation into reports that an IDF tank opened fire against a Hamas post without approval from commanders.

As we reported here last night, an IDF tank opened fire against a Hamas post in Gaza moments after a rocket attack on Ashkelon last night.

In an unusual move, tank fire was initiated almost immediately. The IDF shortly put out a statement stating there was no tank fire.

Earlier this morning, the IDF announced an investigation into this incident.

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IAF strikes in Gaza

During the 3 am hour, the IDF struck a number of targets in the Gaza Strip following last night’s rocket attack on Ashkelon.

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UPDATE: Ashkelon

The rocket that exploded earlier in the Ashkelon Industrial zone struck a warehouse. No injuries reported.

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