IDF has activated 30,000 soldiers for a drill in the North tomorrow simulating a #Hezbollah infiltration into #Israel. Largest drill to be held by the #IDF in 19 years.

  • A large amount of IDF activity will be seen
  • Iron Dome batteries to be deployed
  • Sirens will be heard
  • Aerial activity will be seen
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#TRAFFIC: Route 2 south at Hasira Interchange closed due to continued handicapped persons demonstrations. 

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@netyanyahu tells @NaftaliBennett that housing permits for Yehuda and Shomron coming – including for displaced residents of Migron.

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#Lakewood Orthodox community rallies in Houston relief drive. See story in article.

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#BREAKING: South #Korea says the north has carried out it’s 6th nuclear test. 

  • 6.3 magnitude quake felt in Asia
  • Largest test yet
  • Appears a Nuke device was detonated
  • Emergency alert sirens sounded in China
  • China reports a second quake, magnitude 4.6. 
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#Antwerp: Man returning from shul last night attacked by a Muslim convert. Follow link for additional details. 

  • Man was screaming anti-Semitic words
  • Nearby Jewish residents heard the commotion, came out, and pinned the attacker to the couch until police arrived
  • Victim lightly to moderately injured
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