Is #Tillerson pushing the @WhiteHouse to demand US Military Aid back from #Israel? Full story by following link.

MK Yehuda Glick attended Eid at the home of a Muslim in Hevron – his host has now been arrested by PA security forces.

PHOTO: Yair Netanyahu posts anti-Semitic meme, “liked” by Daily Storm and David Duke.

Yair Netanyahu Anti-Semitic Meme
Yair Netanyahu Anti-Semitic Meme

@netanyahu orders al-Jazeera shut down. More details by following link.

  • Press office ordered to disinvite the director of al-Jazeera Israel, Wali al-Omari from a GPO seminar for reporters
  • Bibi orders legal steps be taken to remove credentials from al-Jazeers journalists operating in Israel
  • Also orders offices to be shut down

#Israel backs down from shutting down @aljazeera, giving a six month warning to #Jerusalem correspondent. #inl

Article here

@StateDepartment refuses to endorse – or not endorse – the two state solution during a a press conference today. #inl