REPORT: US pressuring the Palestinian Authority to return to the negotiating table with Israel, but has fallen on deaf ears of Abbas & Co.

@whitehouse says #PLO mission to stay open for 90 days – activities limited to those that will further peace between #Israel and #Palestinians

@WhiteHouse official: Peace plan as presented on Hadashot is “fake news” and an effort to break the relationship between @netanyahu and @potus.

Yesterday, reports said #Abbas would not appoint #Israel deniers. Have no fear, today he ensured us he’s still an #Israel hater, and denies these reports

@jdgreenblatt45 says important progress made between #Palestinians and #Israelis last night. Details in article

  • Participants included:
    • Rami Hamdala
    • Moshe Khalon
    • General Mordechai of Cogat Israel
  • Topics included key economic issues, including:
    • Revenues
    • Customs
    • Investment