PA – #Hamas agreement: The Six Points

1) According to the plan, the PA to take over all administrative functions in Gaza no later than December 1, 2017

2) A PA-formed legal committee will resolve the employees issue by February 1, including the 40,000 employees which were hird after the PA told its workers in Gaza to stop working. While Hamas wants all of the employees to remain on the payroll, the PA says it cannot absorb all of the workers.

3) Border crossings in Gaza with Israel and Egypt will be transferred to the PA by November 1. The Rafah crossing transfer may be delayed.

4) PA security leaders will go to Gaza to discuss ways integrate security services with relevant parties, including the Presidential Guard, trained by the US, who will handle security on the Egyptian border with Gaza. Issues remain with Hamas military wings, who insist they will not turn over weapons to the PA.

5) A meeting in Cairo will take place in the first week of December to evaluate the implenetation of the plan.

6) All the Palestinian factions that signed the Cairo reconciliation agreement in 2011, will meet on November 14 in Cairo to discuss the 2011 agreement.