VIDEO: See the damage caused during the on-ramp collision between two planes at Ben Gurion Airport this morning.

#BREAKING: Incoming aircraft to Sde Dov Airport has declared an emergency with a technical fault, 6 souls on board, @MDAIS responding to the airfield

Major air collision avoided by just seconds over the coast of #Israel yesterday morning, as a UN plane diverted from its flight path after taking off from Sde Dov Airport near Tel Aviv, and flew into the path of a Fedex Jet landing at Ben Gurion Airport at 5,000 feet. The FedEx pilot took evasive action to prevent a mid-air crash.

@MDAIS reports that they have responded to both Ben Gurion and Haifa airports for reports of small jets making emergency landings at both airports.

Last evening, an object that entered the airspace of Ben Gurion Airport cause the suspension of operations for 15 minutes.