#BREAKING: Kite unit rejects all reports of the cessation of balloon launches, saying incendiary devices will continue to be launched towards Israel.

Kite Unit releases the following statement: We give “the occupation” until Friday to remove the “siege” or we will have no choice but to escalate with all our strength.

HEVRON: Report of 5 people struck by a vehicle, Arab driver fled with vehicle. All if the injured are Palestinians in serious condition. Police investigating.

Report from Gaza: Hamas told its operatives to stop flying Molotov balloons, and will attempt to enforce it on the ground.

Even despite tensions in Gaza, Israeli volunteers turned out to a crossing to help transport sick and injured Gazans to hospitals in Israel and Yesha.

UN Human Rights Coordinator warns of escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza after the closure of Kerem Shalom. Fails to find any concern about months of Molotov attacks, or actions by Gazans that damaged Kerem Shalom.